BioFactory, the Bioproduction platform of CPE Lyon

BioFactory is the bioproduction platform for R&D and Innovation of the engineer school CPE Lyon. pour la Recherche, le Développement et l’Innovation. We support companies and laboratoris who wish to develop bioprocesses.

BioFactory is the bioproduction platform for Research, Development and Innovation of the engineer school CPE Lyon.

With an up to date and innovative lab-scale bioproduction chain, our ambition is to support companies wishing to develop bioprocesses or train their collaborators.

Our missions:

  • To innovate
  • To support
  • To train

Always be innovative!

If you have a R&D or Innovation project in bioproduction or biotechnology, BioFactory offers adapted services to correspond to your needs.

We can support you for:

  • A Proof Of Concept ou a development of a bioprocess in bioreactors (glass or single use) for fermentation (bacteria, yeast) or cell culture
  • The optimisation of bioprocesses: upstream and/or downstream steps
  • The scale-up of bioprocesses.

Our team can advise you and work on your production sites.

Our platform can welcome you collaborators and give them access to the necessary equipement for your projects.

You cal also let us drive your R&DI projects in bioproduction or biotechnology.


Training, a key asset for your company!

In collaboration with CPE Lyon department of “Formation Continue et Recherche”, BioFactory proposes trainings in bioproduction and biotechnology. Practical trainings take place in our laboratories.

Many equipements :

To reconstitute a labscale bioproduction chain, BioFactory has equipment covering the upstream and downstream steps of bioprocesses: autoclavable or single-use bioreactors (from 2 to 50 L) (vessels and bags, Finesse, Sartorius, Merck Millipore, GE Healthcare, Pierre Guérin), a Prima BT gas analyzer (Thermo), a chromatography system (Äkta pure 25M from GE Healthcare), centrifugation and ultrafiltration systems, etc.